Split tasks across multiple files

If your gulpfile.js is starting to grow too large, you can split the tasks into separate files using one of the methods below.

Be advised, that this approach is considered deprecated and could lead to problems when migrating to the gulp 4.

Using gulp-require-tasks

You can use the gulp-require-tasks module to automatically load all your tasks from the individual files.

Please see the module's README for up-to-date instructions.

Using require-dir

You can also use the require-dir module to load your tasks manually.

Imagine the following file structure:

├── dev.js
├── release.js
└── test.js

Install the require-dir module:

npm install --save-dev require-dir

Add the following lines to your gulpfile.js file:

var requireDir = require('require-dir');
var tasks = requireDir('./tasks');

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