Why gulp? Why not ____?

See the gulp introduction slideshow for a rundown on how gulp came to be.

Is it "gulp" or "Gulp"?

gulp is always lowercase. The only exception is in the gulp logo where gulp is capitalized.

Where can I find a list of gulp plugins?

gulp plugins always include the gulpplugin keyword. Search gulp plugins or view all plugins.

I want to write a gulp plugin, how do I get started?

See the Writing a gulp plugin wiki page for guidelines and an example to get you started.

My plugin does ____, is it doing too much?

Probably. Ask yourself:

  1. Is my plugin doing something that other plugins may need to do?
  1. Is my plugin doing two, completely different things based on a configuration option?
  • If so, it may serve the community better to release it as two separate plugins
  • If the two tasks are different, but very closely related, it's probably OK

How should newlines be represented in plugin output?

Always use \n to prevent diff issues between operating systems.

Where can I get updates on gulp?

gulp updates can be found on the following twitters:

Does gulp have an chat channel?

Yes, come chat with us on Gitter.

Last Updated: 8/11/2018, 4:54:05 PM